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Auto Performance Tech Question:

My name is Suzanne. We were taking a camping trip at our favorite UT state park over a three day weekend. About half way to our campsite, the transmission went out on our vehicle. It took all weekend to get towed out and get back home.

What can I do to prevent transmission problems in the future?

Auto Performance Answer:
Transmission repairs can be expensive at Provo auto service centers. On top of that poor Suzanne was in the UT backcountry. Her vacation weekend turned into three days of car repairs.

Look, vehicle transmissions are tough and durable. All you have to do to maintain them is replace the fluid on schedule. The fluid gets contaminated with bits of clutch plates and metal. Dirty transmission fluid under pressure acts like liquid sandpaper, eating away at important gaskets and seals. Then your transmission doesn't shift as well. It can start to leak and overheat. And then you could end up like Suzanne.

Another thing: if you carry heavy loads or tow a trailer on UT highways, your transmission is working much harder and running hotter than under normal conditions. Your transmission fluid may need to be changed sooner. Check your vehicle owner's manual for your severe service schedule or talk with your friendly and knowledgeable pros at Auto Performance about when you should have your transmission serviced.

Provo drivers who do a lot of towing may want to consider adding an external transmission cooler to reduce transmission operating temperatures and extend its life.

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Auto Performance
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